Catholics Come Home

Catholics Come Home


Stories of people who heard God call them into His Catholic family

The Journey Home

Journey Home


Fullfilled Jews



Discover the Catholic Faith

Catholic Questions and Answers – with the opportunity to get your own questions answered too!

The Teachings of the Church

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Catholic Prayers

All the basic Catholic prayers more –
Morning Offering, a prayer in visiting Jesus
in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar …


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Spiritual Communion Prayer

Oh Holy Angel at my side
Please go to the church for me
kneel in my place at holy Mass
where I desire to be

At offertory in my stead
take all I am and own
and place it as a sacrifice
upon the altar stone

At holy consecration bell
adore with Seraph’s love
My Jesus hidden in the Host
Come down from heaven above

And when the priest Communion takes
Oh, bring my Lord to me
That His sweet heart may rest on mine
And I His Temple be