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Regina Caeli Address: On the Third Sunday of Easter

‘In Life, We Have Before Us Two Directions: Either We Are Paralyzed by Life’s Disappointment or We Choose the Greatest and Truest Reality: Jesus, Who Loves Us’

Pope at Regina Caeli Encourages Daily Gospel Reading

Greets Participants in ‘National Reading of Sacred Scripture’ in Poland

Regina Caeli: Pope Acknowledges World Malaria Day

‘We must continue the effort to prevent and cure malaria, which threatens millions of persons in many countries’

Santa Marta Sunday: Pope Prays for Those Who are Sad

‘Because they are alone or because they do not know what to expect in the future’

Pope Urges Praying Rosary in Marian Month of May

Restrictions of Pandemic Emphasize ‘Family’ Aspect

Santa Marta Saturday: Pope Offers Prayers for Funeral Workers

‘What they do is something very painful and sad. They are touched closely by the pain of this pandemic’

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