By Deborah Castellano Lubov

Love in ‘little things’ to remain in the Lord….

According to Vatican News, Pope Francis gave this encouragement during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, his second of 2020, as he reflected on today’s Gospel according to St. John, which spoke about how peace is achieved in little acts of love, and how through this, we stay in God.

Recalling today’s Gospel, the Pope expressed how Christians must work daily, in their little way, toward closeness to God.

“If we remain in the Lord our heart will be at peace;” and if we remain in the Lord when we slip on a sin or a defect, the Spirit will alert us about this error or this slip.

The Holy Father explained that the way to remain in the Lord, as St. John says, is by loving one another. This, he highlighted, is the secret to peace.

The Argentinian Pontiff also warned that war is a temptation which comes from the devil. In this context, Francis warned against different types of destruction, including first to ourselves, and then others.

Pope Francis concluded, inviting faithful to focus on this gift of the Holy Spirit, namely that of “remaining in the Lord.”

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