By ZENIT Staff

Pope Francis on March 20, 2020, encouraged people not to be afraid during the coronavirus pandemic while admitting the pain he feels for the great suffering during the crisis.

The Holy Father’s comments came in an interview with La Stampa. He especially stressed the importance of prayer.

“I think of the Apostles in the storm when they invoke Jesus: ‘Master, we are drowning’. The prayer makes us understand our vulnerability,” the Pope was quoted in the publication. “It is the scream of the poor, of those who are drowning, who feel threatened, alone. And in a difficult situation, desperate, it is important to know that there is the Lord to hold on to.

“God supports us in many ways. God gives us strength and closeness; in the same way, He did with the disciples who asked for help in the storm. Or when He gave His hand to Pietro who was drowning.”

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