By ZENIT Staff

At this time of the Pandemic and during Mary’s Month of May—a unique digital offering was made available to everyone, especially youth.


The book offers a dynamic biography of the Virgin Mary, her story framed by magnificent artworks with reflections by millennial influencers.

How does one tell the story of the most painted woman of all time?

The historical Virgin Mary who lived more than 2,000 years ago is revealed through stunning artworks and commentary by 80 Millennials from 42 countries—young influencers who come from all walks of life: royalty, celebrities, entrepreneurs, professionals, accomplished figures and students. Mary’s Millennials come from all religions or some from none. But all are
interesting with experiences and opinions to share–with fresh hearts and minds.

This book is a personal publishing initiative of the Author, Joan Foo Mahony and her own publishing company, JF Publishing. Joan is neither an Art Historian nor a Marian Scholar but she is a sincere and compelling writer who is totally smitten by the story of Mary.

MILLENNIALS MEET MARY has three rare components which has resulted in a book which is animated, zestful, modern and discerning. The book lights up with its:
– curation of sublime Renaissance and Baroque artworks
– narrative written with great joy in a spirit of universal interest; not as a religious book
– unique involvement of 80 international Millennials (all ‘Influencers’)

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