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The first meeting was held today — in the Hall of Treaties of the State Secretariat –, of the “John Paul I Vatican Foundation,” established last February 17 by Pope Francis, and presided over by the Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, reported L’Amico del Popolo. In addition to Vice-President Stefania Falasca, Vice-Postulator and co-author of the “Positio,” among the members of the Board of Directors are also Lina Petri, daughter of Antonia Luciani and the Pope’s niece; Monsignor Andrea Celli, a parish priest in Rome; and Alfonso Cauteruccio, Secretary Officer of the Synod of Bishops. However, also present on the Board of Directors is a Venetian representation, made up, in addition to the President, born in Vicenza, by Cardinal Beniamino Stella, vittoriese and Postulator of the Cause of Canonization, and by Father Davide Fiocco, who, on behalf of the Belluno-Feltre diocese, collaborated in the drafting of the “Positio,” namely the 3,600-page dossier, which closed the Roman phase of the canonical process on Pope Luciani’s heroic virtues. After the approval of the dossier by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, on November 8, 2017, Pope Francis promulgated the Decree on Pope Luciani’s venerability.

Now, through the “John Paul I Vatican Foundation,” the Holy See wants the figure, the thought, and the teachings of Pope Luciani to be further reflected on and made known, as he left a theological and cultural legacy that must be taken up, studied and made known. His “importance is inversely proportional to the length of his very brief pontificate,” wrote recently Cardinal Parolin, who also made evident how current his teaching is, having as salient features concepts such as proximity, humility, simplicity, God’s mercy, love of neighbor and solidarity. Moreover, the fruitful experience of the Conciliar Father led Bishop Luciani to stress, in the life of the Church, “a renewed missionary endeavor, episcopal collegiality, service in ecclesial poverty, the search for Christina unity, inter-religious dialogue, dialogue with contemporaneity and international dialogue, carried out with perseverance and determination in favor of Justice and Peace.”

The Foundation’s task is to foster, at the international level, further reflection on Luciani’s work, promoting congresses, instituting scholarships, taking care of the editorial activity. Foreseen also, alongside the Board of Directors, is a Scientific Committee with the involvement of personalities “of proven expertise and experience.”

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