By Deborah Castellano Lubov

Pope Francis’ General Audiences resumed today, Sept. 2, with faithful present, and the Argentine Pontiff couldn’t have seemed happier to be back with his people.
ZENIT’s Senior Vatican Correspondent was present with media escorted by the Vatican Press Office in order to be there front and center.

Last week, the Prefecture of the Papal Household announced: “Following the health indications of the Authorities the General Audiences in September will take place in the San Damaso Courtyard of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, starting at 9:30 a.m.” The Courtyard was able to accommodate roughly 500 people.

Participation was open to all who wish, without the need for tickets.

Individuals were able to enter from the Bronze Doors of the right colonnade of St. Peter’s Square, as early as 7:30 am.

In the past, General Audiences were held in St. Peter’s Square, or in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

Today, the Holy Father received a warm welcome, and while staying distant, took time to pass and greet various faithful eager to see him.

While continuing his series of catecheses on COVID 19, the Holy Father made an appeal specifically for Lebanon at the Audience’s conclusion.

Below one can read the Vatican’s unofficial working translation of the full text of the General Audience.

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