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Angelus Address: On Fulfillment of the Law as Addressed in the Sermon on the Mount

‘It’s About Living the Law as An Instrument of Freedom’

Pope Francis on Fulfillment of the Law: Beyond Formal Observance

Jesus Offers Grace to Live Commandments in ‘Profound and Totalizing Way’

Pope Elevates Territorial Prelature of Cancún-Chetumal, Mexico to Diocese

Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas, L.C., Currently Bishop Prelate, Names First Bishop of New Diocese

Pope Names New Bishop of Bururi, Burundi

Reverend Salvator Niciteretse, of the Clergy of Burundi

Pope Receives Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Discussion of Catholic Situation in Nation

Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States Meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of China

In Context of Munich Security Conference

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