By Deborah Castellano Lubov

In special or urgent cases, call the papal almoner directly…

This is the complete availability that Polish cardinal leading the Office of Papal Charities, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, gave in a statement from his office, which was published by the Holy See Press Office yesterday, March 13.

“The offices of papal charities will be temporarily closed to the public from Saturday, March 14, 2020,” it began.

“The parchments with the Apostolic Blessing can always be requested
online,” it continued, “on the website and will be sent normally with express courier DHL.”

Withdrawing, in person, it clarified, will not be possible.

“People in need,” it concluded, “can leave their letters in the appropriate P.O. Box of the Office of Papal Charities at the Entrance of Saint Anna.

“In special or urgent cases,” it said, “call the papal almoner directly, at 348 1300123.”

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